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July 14th, 2005

06:30 pm: Red Sunflowers
My red sunflowers opened today and look very beautiful.
We have had a busy few weeks with the London bombing,wining the Olympic hosting and the said bombers being found in the next district to me...

Harry has been having lots of things happening at school;he has only a week to go till he brakes up for the summer holidays;when he goes back he will be in Miss Crowvers class in year one!

Honey will be starting nursery next Easter as well!

Harry Potter released on Saturday{YAY}can`t wait...

Current Mood: creativecreative

June 27th, 2005

07:56 pm: Hi,I really should get round to making this journal look presentable...

I had a nice weekend,I went out on Saturday night dancing in Leeds,and on Sunday I had a lovely day gardening.

Plans for the week are getting some cleaning done,meeting Pike for a drink on Tuesday and starting the painting of Harry`s ceiling;which I have been putting off for several weeks.

Current Mood: chipperchipper

June 24th, 2005

08:28 pm: First ever entry
Helo I have a live Jornal excitment is in...

Current Mood: gigglygiggly
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